Expansion Joints for Bridges

Working in partnership with the italian company tl_files/Baudin_Chateauneuf/Contenus Articles/Joints/FIP-icona link.jpg PCB installs elastomeric expansion joints in France, on new constructions as well as on existing constructions under renovation :

  • expansion joint for movements up to 50mm
tl_files/Baudin_Chateauneuf/Contenus Actualites/Viaduc St paul-La Reunion.jpg
  • expansion joint RAN P series, from 300 to 800mm movement capacity
  • expansion joint GPE series, from 80 to 250mm movement capacity
Viaduc of Saint Paul - La Réunion

All expansion joints installed by PCB have the technical agreement from the SETRA (Technical Department for Transport, Roads and Bridges Engineering and Road Safety)